From complete solar installations, to DIY solar kits with industry-leading 25-year warranties, to flexible financing, Nexon Solar is empowering change.

Affordable, clean energy.

NexSun Solar Direct provides affordable clean energy, empowering you to make environmentally-responsible choices that reduce your carbon footprint. Our solar systems come with the only 25-year warranty in Canada, offering you both cost savings and peace of mind.

Enjoy clean, affordable energy with our DIY Solar Kits

NexSun Solar Direct affordable pre-assembled do-it-yourself solar kits are backed by industry leading warranty plus optional 25-year renewable service agreement.

Federal Tax Incentives                                                                                                                                                    35%

Cash back                                                                                                                                                                              35%

DIY Solutions

Get started with Canada's first pre-assembled DIY solar kits.

NexSun Solar Direct's affordable pre-assembled do-it-yourself solar kits are backed by an industry-leading 25-year warranty plus an optional 25-year renewable service agreement.

We believe that making solar power accessible empowers people to do their part to protect and heal the planet. That's why we're the first Canada to offer pre-assembled DIY Solar Kits, from entry level 2kW kits, to our popular 8kW (enough to power most homes), up to 20kW kits for larger energy needs.

Each kit comes complete with pre-assembled solar panels, string inverters, racking hardware, monitoring, wiring, plus detailed installation videos and manuals. NexSun Solar Direct also offers permitting, technical support and electrical connection services, as well as a full installation option.

Pre-assembled kits make installation easy. Everything is ready to install and plug in.

Our solar products are also recyclable, minimizing future environmental impact. At NexSun Solar Direct, empower people and communities to make the environmentally-responsible choice to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

Full Installations

Build capacity with our Community Solar Farm System.

NexSun Solar Direct is a top-rated solar installer, with access to a network of certified installers across Canada. All our installations are backed by our 25-year warranty with optional extended protection plan.

Our community solar farm systems are capable of producing energy to power growing communities. For example, our 100kWh system can power up to 15 homes using approximately 275 Q Cells solar, thin film PV 19.9% efficiency modules, the highest on the market. The clean energy output can displace more than 2,000 metric tonnes of C02 emissions a year, or the equivalent of taking 45 cars off the road. Community energy savings can be up 60-90%.

Our solar farm systems are designed to minimize environmental impact & maximize clean energy output. When operating, our systems generate electricity with no water use, no air emissions, no waste production, providing users one of the lowest carbon footprints of any PV technology available today.

NexSun Solar Direct is always looking to the future, so we ensure our solar products are recyclable.

25-Year Warranty

The only 25-year warranty on parts and labour in Canada.

NexSun Solar Direct offers the only 25-year warranty on parts and labour in Canada, providing cost savings and peace of mind.

We also offer an industry-leading service agreement, renewable up to 25 years, so you never have to worry about maintenance or repairs. It's the best solar warranty in the business.


Accessories to maximize your solar system.

From solar street lighting, to 25-year warranty wind turbines, to solar battery power storage, to solar-powered EV chargers, NexSun Solar Direct has accessories to maximize your solar system and help reduce your carbon footprint.

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